Whitehats Lunchtime Talk & Welfare

Whitehat Society 15 Feb 2016

In lieu of the coming recess week, Whitehat Society organised its very first welfare drive on the 15th of February for its members. However, despite recess week supposedly being a ‘break’ from regular school time, many in SMU would often beg to differ. Some may even say that they would often have even more work and projects to complete during recess week, making it just as stressful, if not more, as regular term time. Understanding the needs of the SMU community, Whitehat Society had the privilege of inviting Mr. Saurabh Jaiswal for a short yet effective lunchtime pep talk designed to help students cope with the the increasing stress.

In his power speech, Mr. Jaiswal covered the following:

  • 3 Top techniques to stress free exams

  • Time management and stress management tips

  • 3 Top tips to boost motivation

Whitehat Society would like to thank Mr. Jaiswal for his time and we hope that our members would be better equipped to handle stress and cope with their increasing workload in the coming weeks!

Saurabh Jaiswal is a Global Project Manager at IBM and the founder of IBM Toastmasters Club Singapore. He has won 3 Public Speaking Competitions in IBM till date and enjoys speaking passionately to deliver powerful and useful messages.