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GovernmentWare (GovWare) is the region’s premier conference and showcase for Cyber Security as well as the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International CyberWeek (SICW). The Singapore Cyber Conquest (SCC) is a computer and network security challenge that is designed to test the participants’ skills and wit ...


Over the month of August, Whitehat Society hosted two helpful workshops covering the basics of setting up an e-Commerce site on Wordpress as well as becoming proficient with Microsoft Excel. The workshops also covered security vulnerabilities in each application as well as tips on preventing those exploits. Whitehat Society would like to thank Sally Chin, Mah Chia Hui and Wong Wai ...


The annual Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC) organised by DSTA is a prestigious competition that brings in the best from all tertiary institutes all over Singapore. This year’s CDDC attracted 400 participants to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to battle it out for the top prize of $8000. It ...


JSP Servlets 101

How are you spending your summer holidays? Here at Whitehat Society, we witnessed a full turnout of over 50 participants for our summer enrichment workshop! Our instructors, Kong Yu Jian (Founder of Early Coders), Poon Swee Heng (Web Director of Whitehat Society) and Wong ...


WhiteHacks CTF

Think you have got what it takes to be a cyber security warrior? Then you should take part in WhiteHacks CTF organized by WhiteHats Society and proudly sponsored by CSA (Cyber Security Agency of Singapore) and ThinkSecure for the OSSA(Operational System Security Analyst) certification! Participants immerse themselves in not only online challenges but also physical challenges such as dumpster diving. For More ...


Game Security Talk by UBISOFT

We were very honored to have Senior Security Engineer Claudiu Dumitru to come down to SMU to talk about game security. Not only did he explained about the different concepts and techniques of game hacking and security, he also demonstrated how game hacking was done during the workshop! If you are interested in the field of game security or game animation ...


How safe is public WIFI?

How safe is public wifi exactly? WhiteHats Society teams up with Ministry of Funny and National Security Coordination Centre of Singapore on Let's Stand Together Campaign to find out!


Networking Session at SITF

Hi to all WhiteHats Members, SITF is inviting all WhiteHats Members to join in this networking session for ...


How secure is your wifi connection?

How safe do you think your wifi connection is? Apparently, if you are using no wifi encryption just like at Mcdonalds and StarBucks, you could just be her next victim! Read here to find out more!



You heard us right! This year SMU WhiteHats Society is going to bring to you new highlights during VIVACE 2015! From breaking Facebook games to sending fake emails or even getting a chance to fly our very own drone. You would not want to miss this on 21st August Booth ...