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At the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp held in June 2017, 400 students from 26 junior colleges, Integrated Programme schools and tertiary institutions sharpened their cyber defence skills and gained first-hand insights into a career in cybersecurity. Last year, our fellow students from Singapore Management University (SMU), Whitehat Society managed to garner 7 medals as well as the `Best Defence` award. This ...


Whitehat Society, in collaboration with NUS Greyhats, is proud to present this year's edition of Cross CTF (Website, Facebook), Singapore's first 24H Capture-the-Flag security competition! This year, we expanded Cross CTF to turn it into a 24H CTF competition so that we can provide our participating hackers a full experience in both vulnerability exploitation and patching ...


Did you know that your phone could be easily tapped to relay sensitive information back to the hackers? In today's hyper-connected world, it is important to be aware of how easily malicious actors could gain access to the devices that you use everyday for just about everything. In this episode of Talking Point (found here), Wong Wai Tuck ...


WhiteHacks@SG 2017

We all want security. Yet ironically, the field of cybersecurity is often held at arm’s length and is shrouded in mystery. We started WhiteHacks last year as an initiative to bring Information Security to the JC students and this year, we brought it back, bigger and better than ever. It was certainly an enriching weekend for everyone involved as training and practical ...


Lian He Zao Bao interviews Whitehat Society

Earlier in February, Whitehat Society was privileged to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Lian He Zao Bao given that Information Security is steadily gaining more time in the spotlights. The interview briefly covered an introduction to Whitehat Society, what is Information Security in general and why we were interested in it. Whitehat Society is glad that the general ...


RVSP NOW! Dinner will be provided Synopsis Robots. We see them in movies, and they’ve transformed the manufacturing industry. But those robots have imposing physical bodies. Now imagine, a robot without a body. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applies technologies ...


Whitehats Lunchtime Talk & Welfare

In lieu of the coming recess week, Whitehat Society organised its very first welfare drive on the 15th of February for its members. However, despite recess week supposedly being a 'break' from regular school time, many in SMU would often beg to differ. Some may even say that they would often have even more work and projects to ...


Learn to hack with WhiteHacks@SG!

Ever wondered how to hack and how not to get hacked? Introducing WhiteHacks@SG! A 2-day workshop where you will learn the basics of cyber security. Proudly hosted by SMU Whitehat Society, WhiteHacks@SG is back to provide you with fun and interactive workshops hosted by our talented ambassadors. Explore the world of ...


From left to right: Poon Swee Heng, Kong Yu Jian, Wong Wai Tuck, Lau Zi Quan, Sally Chin, Martius Lim SIS Day is an annual event organised by the School of Information Systems Society (SISS) to commemorate the founding of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS). SIS Day 2016 featured a ...


GovernmentWare (GovWare) is the region’s premier conference and showcase for Cyber Security as well as the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International CyberWeek (SICW). The Singapore Cyber Conquest (SCC) is a computer and network security challenge that is designed to test the participants’ skills and wit ...