Did you know that your phone could be easily tapped to relay sensitive information back to the hackers? In today's hyper-connected world, it is important to be aware of how easily malicious actors could gain access to the devices that you use everyday for just about everything. In this episode of Talking Point (found here), Wong Wai Tuck ...


ATM PIN Numbers: Easier to Steal than You Think

By Bill Snyder Created Feb 23 2012 - 2:26pm   I've always thought that losing one's ATM card was an inconvenience, but not a likely source of pain, since even a bad guy who finds it wouldn’t have much luck guessing the PIN. Oops. Not true, it turns out, according to researchers at the Computer Laboratory of University of Cambridge [1]. They ...


HP Doubts Widespread Adoption of iPad, Android Tablets by Enterprises [02/08/2012 09:52 PM] by Anton Shilov While Apple claims that nearly all of the top companies within major Fortune 500 markets are actively using iPad slates to improve workflows, business processes and customer engagements, Hewlett-Packard claims that neither Apple iOS- nor Google Android-based media tablets are secure enough for enterprises. When ...