Our Mission

To be the student representative body for information security to both internal and external parties
We will be the liaison and contact point for information security collaboration with external agencies like e-cop, ESET, IDA, Ohanae and Symantec. At the same time, we will also position ourselves as the helper to our university community by giving security talks and looking for industry visits and talks.

To promote information security awareness in SMU
Coming from McAfee, the global economy cost from cyber crime is estimated to be more than $400 billion. This is not to forget many cyber attacks go unreported in companies and companies spend even more money and time recovering from these cyber attacks. WhiteHats hopes to educate and inculturate the importance of information security in SMU students and how easy security can be incorporated into our daily lives.

To promote information security as a profession
Our group hopes to promote information security as a career. Career opportunities in information security include some of the coolest jobs that you ever imagined! These jobs include information security crime investigator, malware analyst and even application penetration tester.