About Us

Whitehat Society (Whitehats) is a special interest group founded by a group of students who are passionate about information security. Its members train for cyber defence competitions and advocate security knowledge to the Singapore Management University (SMU) community and beyond.

What is a Whitehat?

In Internet slang, a “Whitehat” refers to an ethical hacker who specializes in penetration testing and other testing methodologies to benchmark an organization’s information systems security.

Our Mission

Represent information security students in SMU
For collaboration on information security matters, Whitehats is the contact point for external entities such as e-cop, ESET, IMDA, GovTech and Symantec. Concurrently, we assist our university community by giving security talks and organizing industry visits.

Increase information security awareness
Cybersecurity is of cruicial importance. According to McAfee, the global economic cost from cybercrime is estimated to be more than $400 billion USD. This figure excludes the many cyber attacks that go unreported in small-medium companies.

Whitehats hopes to inculcate the importance of information security into SMU students.

Promote information security as a profession
Whitehats advocates information security as a career. Career opportunities include information security crime investigator, malware analyst, application penetration tester amongst others.

Our Motto

Advocating security