About Us

The “Whitehat Society” is an Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Information Systems (SIS) Special Interest Group (SIG) founded by a group of students who are passionate about cyber security! We want to promote awareness of the importance of information security throughout the whole campus.

Information is the lifeblood of organizations, a vital business asset in today’s IT-enabled world. IT systems and networks link every internal department and connects them with a myriad of suppliers, partners and markets. Knowing the importance of security opens up countless opportunities for SMU students as we venture into the corporate world armed with skills our employees never dream of.

No one wants security! They want the benefits of security. A homeowner does not want the finest deadbolt on the front door because of the excellence in its engineering; they want a comfortable, happy place to live.

What is Whitehat?

The term “Whitehat” in Internet slang refers to an ethical hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and other testing methodologies to ensure the security of an organization’s information systems. Ethical hacking is a term coined by IBM  to imply a broader category than just penetration testing. In short, Whitehats are security professionals who advocate the importance of information security through ethical means.

Our Motto

Advocating Security