WhiteHacks@SG 2017


We all want security. Yet ironically, the field of cybersecurity is often held at arm’s length and is shrouded in mystery. We started WhiteHacks last year as an initiative to bring Information Security to the JC students and this year, we brought it back, bigger and better than ever. It was certainly an enriching weekend for everyone involved as training and practical lessons were provided for the participants on Day 1. This culminated in an intense showdown on Day 2 where both newbies and the more experienced put their new skills to the test and hacked away for more than $2000 worth of cash prizes.

Congratulations to Team T0X1C V4P0R for taking the champions for WhiteHacks@SG 2017 as well as teams Wyvern and LMAO!. Thank you to all our participants and helpers, we hope that you have had a great time and took away some new found knowledge and skills that you may use in your next Capture-the-Flag competition.






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