Whitehat Society celebrates SIS Day; Wins Coding Challenge 2016


groupphotoFrom left to right: Poon Swee Heng, Kong Yu Jian, Wong Wai Tuck, Lau Zi Quan, Sally Chin, Martius Lim

SIS Day is an annual event organised by the School of Information Systems Society (SISS) to commemorate the founding of SMU’s School of Information Systems (SIS). SIS Day 2016 featured a carnival in the afternoon where special interest groups under SISS were able to showcase some of the various club activities as well as a Coding Challenge in the evening where students competed against one another in an intense problem solving competition.

This year, Whitehat Society illustrated the potential dangers of macros in Microsoft Excel when opening files from untrusted sources. Winston Ho (Vice-President of Whitehat Society) demonstrated how simply downloading and opening an Excel file resulted in the execution of an embedded macro in the file despite having an updated anti-virus program. This malicious macro opened a reverse shell back to Wong Wai Tuck’s (President of Whitehat Society) computer where he was then able to perform various tasks such as turning on the webcam and streaming it, record keystrokes for passwords as well as download and save sensitive files from the infected computer.

We are also proud to announce that both of the grand-finalists in the Coding Challenge 2016 were from Whitehat Society. Congratulations to Wong Wai Tuck for winning a brand new PlayStation 4 in the competition and Lau Zi Quan for winning a GoPro Hero Session 4 from taking the first runner-up!

Here are some of the photos of the event!

Wai Tuck and Winston at the Whitehat Society booth!

whitehatbooth4Winston demonstrating the Excel macro infection to fellow students

codingchallenge3Coding Challenge 2016 Finalists Lau Zi Quan (left) and Wong Wai Tuck (right)

codingchallenge4 codingchallenge1

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