Whitehat Society clinches 3rd runner up in 7th Singapore Cyber Conquest



GovernmentWare (GovWare) is the region’s premier conference and showcase for Cyber Security as well as the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International CyberWeek (SICW). The Singapore Cyber Conquest (SCC) is a computer and network security challenge that is designed to test the participants’ skills and wit in a cyber range.

The 2016 Singapore Cyber Conquest was driven by SANS NetWars, a dynamic cyber range that allows participants to build, practice, and measure their skills in real-world defensive, analytic, and offensive practices, covering the following skill areas: vulnerability assessment, packet analysis, penetration testing, system hardening, malware analysis, digital forensics and incident response. SANS NetWars is based on five distinct levels, each of which is designed for people who have achieved a given skill set, ranging from participants new to the industry all the way up to those who have demonstrated their mastery of information security capabilities:

Level 1: This level is for people new to the information security industry.
Level 2: At this level, participants have achieved solid capabilities, and represent the largest player community in SANS NetWars, as they work to build their skills even further to differentiate themselves from the pack.
Level 3: People at this level have achieved something quite significant: they’ve exceeded the capability of the average info sec person, and proudly continue to grow to the next level.
Level 4: Some people say that there’s a phrase for SANS NetWars participants who achieve this level: “Hire or promote them immediately!” That’s due to their demonstration of excellence in solving even the most challenging Infosec challenges.
Level 5: In Level 5, master Infosec gurus battle against each other in a castle-vs-castle face-off. This level is seldom reached in a SANS NetWars tournament.

Team Whitehats (Wong Wai Tuck and Winston Ho) under Whitehat Society was ahead of most of the competition at the top of the leader board for the majority of the 7 hour long competition and managed to reach level 4 of the competition. Apart from Team Whitehats, Teams Whitehats Jr (Toh Zi Jie and Jorden Seet) and WTFC (Lau Zi Quan and Martius Lim) also reached level 3 of the competition. Whitehat Society would like to congratulate Teams Whitehats, Whitehats Jr and WTFC for their valiant efforts and respectable performance shown in the SCC.

Here are some of the photos from the event!

SCC Group PhotoFrom left to right
Back row: Toh Zi Jie, Winston Ho, Jorden Seet
Front row: Martius Lim, Wong Wai Tuck, Lau Zi Quan

SCC Scoreboard

If you are interested in attending such events in the future please contact us at issig@sa.smu.edu.sg 🙂

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