JSP Servlets 101


poster editHow are you spending your summer holidays? Here at Whitehat Society, we witnessed a full turnout of over 50 participants for our summer enrichment workshop!

Introduction to HTML and JavaScript by Kong Yu Jian

Our instructors, Kong Yu Jian (Founder of Early Coders), Poon Swee Heng (Web Director of Whitehat Society) and Wong Wai Tuck (Vice President of Whitehat Society) took time off to put together a workshop to aid students in better understanding the syllabus for IS203: Software Engineering.

Attendees learnt the basics of HTML and JavaScript through a hands-on tutorial where they had the opportunity to write their own web application and create an online shop. Participants were also introduced to JSP (JavaServer Pages), Servlets and how to utilise them when building their website. Apart from learning how to design and build web applications, the participants learnt about common cyber attacks (such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection attacks) and how to store passwords securely in their web application.

Thank you to all attendees as well as our instructors for making this workshop a success! Stay tuned as we bring you more enrichment workshops in the future!

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