HP: Apple iOS and Google Android Too Insecure for Enterprises.


HP Doubts Widespread Adoption of iPad, Android Tablets by Enterprises

[02/08/2012 09:52 PM]
by Anton Shilov

While Apple claims that nearly all of the top companies within major Fortune 500 markets are actively using iPad slates to improve workflows, business processes and customer engagements, Hewlett-Packard claims that neither Apple iOS- nor Google Android-based media tablets are secure enough for enterprises. When it comes to security, HP bets on Windows 8.

“Clearly, there is a need in the enterprise for a tablet that has enterprise grade security that the iPad and Android products don’t have. I think security is actually the biggest challenge in the marketplace today WebOS brought a degree of enterprise grade security and Microsoft will bring that same set of capabilities,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president of the personal systems group, in an interview with CRN web-site.

Media tablets like Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab are by definition made to consume content and not to create it. Nonetheless, overall popularity of slates among end-users and demands for productivity applications for them catalyzed hundreds of companies to develop productivity apps for the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and even smartphones.

It is not a secret that many users now do certain elements of their jobs on mobile devices (e.g., monitoring of news-wires and RSS can be made on a smartphone or a tablet quite comfortably), which raises questions about security of corporate communications and corporate data that will inevitably be accessed or used insecurely. Large enterprises can afford creating their own apps for their employees, but this may not guarantee 100% security.

HP is planning to re-enter the tablet market when Windows 8 arrives, initially with an x86 model, and possibly with an ARM model. In HP’s view, Microsoft’s enterprise background and security expertise will make HP’s Windows 8 tablets more attractive to businesses than Apple iPads and Google Android-based tablets. It remains to be seen, however, how successful will those tablets be as they will only arrive in the second half in 2012, when the market of slates is completely different from today’s.

Source: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/mobile/display/20120208215231_HP_Apple_iOS_and_Google_Android_Too_Insecure_for_Enterprises.html

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