Ohanae Connect Platform Realizing the Vision of NSTIC


Making Online Transactions Safer, Faster, and More Private

San Francisco, CA., (Feb 28th, 2012) ─ Ohanae supports the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) vision where individuals and organizations utilize secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity solutions to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation. The realization of this vision is the Ohanae® Connect platform designed to securely support transactions that range from anonymous to fully-authenticated and from low- to high-value.

In the current online environment, individuals are asked to maintain dozens of different usernames and passwords (some websites include exotic types of two-factor authentications), one for each website with which they interact. The complexity of this approach is a burden to individuals, and it encourages behavior such as the reuse of passwords that makes online fraud and identity theft easier. At the same time, online businesses are faced with ever-increasing costs for managing customer accounts, the consequences of online fraud, and the loss of business that results from individuals’ unwillingness to create yet another account. Spoofed websites, stolen passwords, and compromised accounts are all symptoms of inadequate authentication mechanisms.

“Until NSTIC identity’s ecosystem and proper standards are globally adopted by industry, consumers actually continue to have fewer options in terms of how we secure our accounts than more. That means that the majority of consumers will continue using the same set of credentials over and over again, increasing their risk and exposure to possible leaks.” said Greg Hauw, founder and CEO.

Passwords Aren’t Dead But They Need Fixing

Consumers are unwilling to sacrifice convenience for security, despite widespread online fraud. Password authentication remains ubiquitous on the Web, despite over thirty years of research demonstrating its weaknesses. Countless improvements have been proposed to improve password security or replace it altogether, but none has seen any significant adoption. It seems clear that we have a collective failure to fully appreciate the incentives for the market offered by password-based authentication, and years of habit may hinder the possibility of deploying stronger authentication methods.

Ohanae® Connect Platform with Layered Protection

Ohanae® Connect Platform consists:

  • Ø Ohanae® Connect
  • Ø Ohanae® Connect Authentication Manager
  • Ø Ohanae® Connect Access

Layered Protection, characterized by the use of different controls at the endpoint of an authentication process, allows for a weakness in one control to be generally compensated for by the strength of a different control. Layered Protection can substantially strengthen the overall security of Internet-based services and be effective in protecting sensitive customer information, preventing identity theft, and reducing account takeovers and the resulting financial losses.

Passwords are no longer inconvenient and insecure. Ohanae® Connect platform provides individuals and organizations to utilize secure and easy-to-use interoperable identity solutions to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence and privacy. Ohanae reduces the need for consumers to use and remember multiple passwords. Once Ohanae account is activated; users may sign in and register with any sites.

As a user, all you need to do is to remember one passphrase of your choice. Ohanae® Connect generates unique strong password for each account on-the-fly, eliminates the need to remember passwords, ensures passwords are free from malware attack, and sensitive data on your endpoint is protected. User needs to type ** at the password input field to login to any Web and downloadable (software + services) applications, and type *+ at the new password field to generate unique strong password for each account.

Your Ohanae account (Ohanae® ID) is your OpenID. OpenID is an open identity standard falls under the NSTIC umbrella. What distinguishes Ohanae® ID from other OpenID implementations is its built-in strong authentication without the reliance of additional hardware or software.

Ohanae® Connect Authentication Manager is the next generation strong password authentication system designed to replace existing password authentication mechanism to ensure passwords in the user store cannot be compromised in the event the site is hacked and passwords are not subject to man-in-the-middle attack during authentication.

Ohanae® Connect is available now for Windows users. Users may download the Ohanae software from Ohanae.com and install the software on desktop, laptop, or USB mass storage device. Ohanae offers basic and premium subscriptions. Basic subscription enjoys complimentary unlimited Secure Sign-On from their desktop or laptop computer. Premium subscription, priced at $10 per year, allows the user to: activate as many as 8 authorized devices; Secure Sign-On with no limit; run sessions with Securworkplace™ to leave no traces; encrypt and protect data with Securdrive™.

Ohanae® Connect

  • § Privacy and Identity protection for Web applications, ‘Software+Services’, and OpenID.
  • § Ensures users that their passwords cannot be guessed, phished or stolen.
  • § One passphrase to remember, type ** to login and *+ to generate strong password.
  • § Generates unique strong password for each account.
  • § Eliminates the need to remember passwords.
  • § Passwords are free from malware attack.
  • § Leaves no traces on endpoint.
  • § Sensitive data on endpoint is protected.
  • § Platform supported: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32-bit), and XP.
  • § Browser supported: Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7, 6.
  • § Choice of install and USB mass storage versions.
  • § Up to 8 authorized devices (desktop / laptop / USB flash drive).
  • § Windows 8, Mac OS, iOS, and Android versions in 2012.

Ohanae® Connect Authentication Manager

  • § Strong password authentication system designed to replace existing password authentication mechanism.
  • § Passwords are not stored in the user store.
  • § Passwords cannot be compromised in the event the database is hacked.
  • § Passwords are not subject man-in-the-middle attack.
  • § Supports major browsers using JavaScript.
  • § Supports Ohanae® Connect to achieve strong authentication with device identification.
  • § May be combined with hardware security token and SMS-based One-Time-Password to construct a multi-factor authentication system.
  • § OpenID Connect add-on module (optional).
  • § Enterprise edition for governments, websites, and businesses.

Ohanae® Connect Access*

  • § Make it easy for users to log in to your site without the hassle of manual registration.
  • § If a visitor has an Ohanae account, they log in with their existing credentials.
  • § Visitors without an existing account can register on the spot.
  • § Visitors avoid the friction of creating a user account just for your specific site.
  • § Ohanae® Connect Access goes beyond user log on and authentication; it provides personal information relating to the visitors of your site.
  • § With a single button click, users can easily share their name, email address and other personal data so they can register on your site.
  • § Your site is accessible by anyone with a valid Ohanae account.
  • § Accounts maintenance and password reset is outsourced to Ohanae.
  • § Dealing with verified users help you to control and reduce fraud—you know you are engaging with real users who have been vetted by Ohanae.
  • § Enterprise edition for governments, websites, and businesses.

* Available in Q4 2012.


About Ohanae

Ohanae makes online transactions safer, faster, and more private by ensuring users that their logins cannot be guessed, phished, or stolen with absolute simplicity.

Headquartered in Los Gatos, CA. Ohanae is a privately held company founded in Oct 2006. Ohanae was named a Red Herring top 100 global company in Jan 2009 and finalist in the most innovative company at RSA Conference 2009.


Greg Hauw

Founder & CEO

Ohanae, Inc.

+1 (650) 488 4980



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